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My name is Tara Reynolds and I am an animator who specialises in Motion Capture and Key-framed animation. I have been passionate about games since I was young, and to this day I still replay the games which inspired me to pursue a career in the Games Industry.

I studied Interactive Games Design at Gloucestershire College where I learnt the basic fundamentals on how to build a game, and I thoroughly enjoyed each process. I was able to make games with Blender and Unity, and it really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities you can create with games. 

After graduating from college, I applied for Staffordshire University, where I then graduated and received First Class degrees for both my BA Honours and MA Masters Degree.

At university, I was taught the core principles of animation, alongside traditional methods, using stop motion and Dragonframe. Shortly after, I learnt how to animate in Maya, 3ds Max and Motionbuilder, as well as how to rig and skin characters. Through experience of my current job at Centroid Motion Capture, I have set up the motion capture stage as well as marker up the actors for the shoot.

My goal is to perfect my skill in both motion capture and key-framed animation, I love bringing life to characters and the world around them.


Thank you for reading!

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